Landlocked at Michael Warren contemporary June 2015 / by Heidi Jung


Over the last few years I have primarily concentrated on botanical imagery, and the idea of finding beauty in decay. This series is an extension of that idea, with a kinship in a natural subject matter. Many of the seaweed images that I referenced in this series were from actual samples collected by Dr. Earle form the 1970’s that are housed in the Smithsonian archives. This body of work is my small way of bringing a bit of attention to the oceans from a landlocked place like Colorado.  I want to help reiterate the idea that Dr. Earle and others teach, that every area on this planet is connected ecologically, and that we will all feel the results of imbalance in some way or another whether it be in the short or long term.

I will be donating a portion of the sales of this work to Mission Blue so that they can continue to do this important work. (