Pruned of color, floral artworks still bloom large / by David Menard

Most floral artworks are like what they depict: voluptuous and highly colorful.

But in a new group of 10 drawings on view through Feb. 20 at Ironton Gallery, 3636 Chestnut Place, Denver artist Heidi Jung has taken a less obvious and, in many ways, more interesting approach.

Working in black and white, she creates what are essentially memento mori — ruminative, partially shrouded looks at flowers, which are often dried and past their prime. These ghostly apparitions stand in as metaphors for the passage of time and the fleeting essence of beauty.

Some, like "Beyond the Fence," have a graceful beauty, while others are darker and, in the case of "Petit Roi," above, even a little menacing.

Working on vellum, which is later mounted on wood panels, Jung combines white and black ink and charcoal in surprisingly inventive ways. Allowing serendipity to play a role, she lays down washes and builds up layers and then erases certain elements to leave shadowy traces.

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