The Sacred Bug and the Insects at Hinterland / by David Menard

Bugs and insects were always associated with the symbols of life, the big creator and shared great respect in a lot of cultures. According to one Egyptian myth, honey bees were the tears of the sun god Ra. It was the fly in egyptian mythology which gave protection agains disease or misfortune. The ancient egyptians also believed that the scarab beetle came into being itself from a ball of dung (the idea of self-creation). It was worshipped under the name of Khepri, which means 'he who has come into being' or 'he who came forth from the earth'. The god Khepri was associated with the creator-god Atum and was regarded as a form of the sun-god Ra. Just as the beetle pushed its ball of dung over the ground, so Khepri in the form of a scarab beetle, it was thought, rolled the solar disc across the sky each day. 


Opening Reception
August 27, 2010

Open 1st Friday
September 3, 2010

October 7, 2010

Participating Artists:
Heidi Jung
Grant Williams
Gail Boyd
Norman Broomhall
David Zimmer
Robin Schaefer
Sabin Aell